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Updated January 2021




American Friends Service Committee (AFSC) Liaison

Approved November 2020

FUNCTION: Provides a link between BCFM and AFSC, both locally and nationally.

TERM: Two years.


  • Informs AFSC that he/she is the liaison for BCFM.
  • Stays informed concerning AFSC activities and reports to the meeting what AFSC information which may be of interest to BCFM.
  • Communicates information from BCFM to AFSC as appropriate.
  • Serves in ex-officio capacity on Peace & Justice Committee


Approved June 2016

JOB SUMMARY: The Archivist gathers and preserves materials relating to the development and history of Bridge City Friends Meeting. The records should show proceedings that are significant in the light of history and are of concern to Friends. The Archivist is appointed for a two-year term.


Specific duties include:

  • Maintains the Bridge City Meeting Archive in both electronic and printed formats.
  • The electronic and printed archives are identical. So, documents that are received in electronic format are printed for the printed archive, and documents that are received in printed format are scanned for the electronic archive.
  • The electronic archive is currently saved in a Dropbox folder so that it can be easily shared with meeting officers as requested. The files are organized by month and year. Files are consistently named and are easily recognizable.
  • The printed archive is preserved in file boxes. The files are organized by month and year.
  • Communicates with the Clerk, Recording Clerk, Treasurer, and committee clerks as needed to obtain archive documentation.
  • The archive documentation includes business meeting minutes, treasurer reports, state of society reports, the nominating slate, and minuted issues.
  • Serves as historian for inquiries regarding the meeting’s procedures and actions. Helps interested people find needed materials.
  • Periodically reports to the Ministry & Oversight Committee
  • Reports to the Meeting for Business as requested

Assistant Treasurer

[DRAFT – March 2021]

FUNCTION: Serves as a backup to the Treasurer and it is assumed will serve as Treasurer in the following term.

TERM:  Two years


  • Serves as a member of Finance and Property Committee.
  • Maintains familiarity with the Treasurer’s records and bookkeeping software.
  • Makes financial reports to Business Meeting when the Treasurer is unable to do so.
  • Assists Treasurer with tasks as requested.
  • Learns the work of the Treasurer to ensure a smooth transition to the position.

Children’s Program Liason

Approved June 2016

Job Summary: Bridge City Friends Meeting does not have children attending Meeting for Worship regularly at this time. The Children’s Program Liaison is responsible for seeing that two Friends from our meeting are available to be with children, should children come to worship. The Children’s Program Liaison serves a two year term.


  • Maintains a list of Friends willing to leave Meeting for Worship with visiting or newly attending children.
  • Checks the box of supplies for children to be certain that it is current.
  • If children arrive, ask two Friends to go downstairs with the children.
  • It is the policy of BCFM that at least two adults or one adult and one teen are to be with the children during First Day School.


APPROVED – March 2021


Facilitates the business of the meeting and is the meeting’s representative in the wider community. The Clerk is an active member of Bridge City Friends Meeting.  

The meeting resides under God’s care and the care of every individual. The Clerk is able to discern what is most important for the life of the Meeting and do this work within her or his strengths. The Clerk is able to delegate responsibility and authority and trusts that we have many able, willing hands ready to do what the Meeting senses is valuable.

TERM: Two Years


Meeting for Worship for Business:

  • Distributes in a timely manner to members of the meeting all documents relevant to each upcoming Meeting for Business.
  • Is aware of the background on significant agenda items in advance of Meeting for Business.
  • Maintains a sense of worship during Meetings for Business.
  • Expedites the flow of business, ensuring that any carry over items are on the agenda.
  • Listens receptively, finds points of unity, helps people bring forth questions and finds the sense of the Meeting.
  • Follows up or delegates as appropriate.
  • Arranges for and facilitates Threshing Sessions as directed by Meeting for Business.
  • Arranges for ad hoc committees as needed.

Communications within Meeting:

  • Attends Ministry and Pastoral Care Committee meetings.
  • Keeps in touch with all committee clerks and attends those meetings as needed.
  • Available for meeting related consultation.
  • Distributes messages for the meeting mailing list.

Communication with the wider Quaker community:

  • Presents State of the Society Report to Spring Quarterly Meeting and forwards to North Pacific Yearly Meeting Annual Session.
  • Completes and forwards Annual Statistical report to NPYM in June with the help of Ministry and Pastoral Care committee.
  • Communicates and coordinates activities and information with other monthly meetings in NPYM and with worship groups under the care of the meeting.
  • Stays in touch with other Friends groups in the Portland area.
  • Keeps the Meeting updated on regional, national and international Quaker activities

Communication with the wider community: 

  • Arranges for the meeting’s post office box to be checked on a regular basis.
  • Responds to phone calls and contacts from the wider community in consultation with Ministry and Pastoral Care committee.
  • Participates in ecumenical events in Portland.
  • Ensures, in consultation with Ministry and Pastoral Care committee, that the meeting contact information is current in publications.

Friends Committee on National Legislation (FCNL) Liaison

Approved November 2020

FUNCTION: Provides a link between BCFM and FCNL both locally and nationally.

TERM: Two Years


  • Informs FCNL that he/she is the liaison for BCFM.
  • The liaison communicates information from two FCNL publications, the Legislative Action Message and the emailed Washington Newsletter.
  • Communicates information from BCFM to FCNL as appropriate.
  • The liaison encourages citizen lobbing by helping attenders of the meeting establish relationships with our Members of Congress.
  • Attends FCNL Annual Meeting if possible.
  • Serves in ex-officio capacity on Peace & Justice Committee.


Approved June 2016

JOB SUMMARY: The Librarian is responsible for creating, maintaining and sustaining the Meeting library for the purpose of the religious/spiritual education and sustenance of the Meeting community.


  • Keeps the Meeting library in good order and makes recommendations to the Meeting for improvements.
  • Monitors the library’s holdings and circulation to the Meeting community.
  • Purchases appropriate holdings and administers funds designated for this purpose.

North Pacific Yearly Meeting (NPYM) Coordinating Committee Member

Approved November 2020

FUNCTION: The Coordinating Committee serves as the point of information sharing by meetings and worship groups within NPYM.  The committee provides oversight and support of NPYM standing committees.

TERM: Two Years. The term begins October 1.


  • Members of the Coordinating Committee shall be members of the Religious Society of Friends or long-time attenders, well grounded in Quaker practice and experienced in Quaker discernment and decision-making and able to attend the Annual Session meeting(s), as well as the Fall and the Spring meetings.
  • Shares with other committee members about BCFM’s work and inspiration
  • Shares with other committee members about issues that arise from BCFM, as well as the work, inspirations and opportunities we share.  The committee brings to BCFM what may be of interest and benefit to BCFM.
  • Reports to BCFM about the work of the Coordinating Committee.
  • If a member cannot attend a meeting, they send regrets to the CC committee clerk and discuss with the BCFM clerk about who should attend in their place.

Recording Clerk

Approved June 2016

JOB SUMMARY: The Recording Clerk is responsible for preparation of the minutes of the Meeting for Worship for Business. The Recording Clerk is appointed for a two-year term and is normally a member of the Society of Friends who is an active participant in the life of the Bridge City Meeting.


Specific duties include:.

  • Articulation of the sense of the Business Meeting through sensitive and clear composition of the minutes.
  • Read drafts of minutes aloud during Meeting for Business when requested by the Clerk to make sure the language accurately captures the sense of the Meeting.
  • Attends all Meetings for Business or, in consultation with the Clerk and Ministry and Oversight Committee, arranges for a substitute to take minutes. .
  • Types minutes, shares them with the Clerk for comments and as a check on accuracy, then arranges for the minutes to be circulated (via email, or other methods) among meeting members prior to the next business Meeting.
  • Maintains a file of monthly meeting minutes and makes sure that a copy of the approved minutes is sent to the archivist every month.
  • When the Clerk is unavailable to clerk a business Meeting the Recording Clerk maybe called on to clerk the meeting. This decision is made by the Clerk, Recording Clerk, and the Ministry and Oversight Committee.
  • Generates occasional official correspondence on behalf of the Meeting.

Rising Clerk

APPROVED – March 2021

JOB SUMMARY: The Rising Clerk is the nominee for presiding Clerk for the following year.  This person is an active member of Bridge City Friends Meeting, and can serve as an ex-officio member of the Ministry and Pastoral Care Committee.

TERM: One year, overlapping with the Clerk’s second year


  • Works with and job-shadows the presiding Clerk for a smooth transition between Clerks.
  • Uses this year to set up a support committee, attend a Clerking Workshop, and undertake contemplative work.
  • Is able to distribute e-bulletin messages to those on the BCFM mailing list.


[DRAFT – March 2021]

JOB SUMMARY: The Treasurer is a member of Bridge City Friends Meeting and manages and tracks the financial affairs of the Meeting. The Treasurer is a member of the Finance and Property Committee and attends its meetings.

TERM: 2 year


  • Maintains the Meeting’s financial records, including checkbooks and other financial instruments.
  • Prepares and presents monthly financial reports to the Monthly Meeting for Business showing the budget, disbursements and receipts for the month and year to date.
  • Keeps track of all income by logging checks and in-kind donations into our accounting system and makes timely deposits at the bank.
  • Pays Meeting bills and handles internal transfers of funds as outlined by the budget.
  • Pays requests for reimbursement ensuring that appropriate authorization is on file.
  • Sends receipts to contributors at the end of the calendar year and when requested.
  • Checks the Meeting contribution box weekly.
  • Ensures that any payroll and related tax reports are prepared and submitted in a timely way.
  • Introduces the assistant treasurer to the work of the treasurer.

Works with the Finance and Property Committee to:

  • Create an annual budget reflecting the activities of the Meeting.
  • Handle occasional financial transactions such as sale of donated stock.
  • Ensure the financial account records are current with three authorized signers on file including the treasurer, Meeting clerk, and either the assistant treasurer or another member of Finance and Property Committee.

Works with the Ministry and Pastoral Care Committee to:

  • Handle funds and the budget for Meeting retreats.
  • Track and disburse funds from the Well Being account.
  • Write letters of thanks for special contributions, enclosing a receipt.

Website Manager

Approved January 2021

Purpose of the Bridge City Website:

  • Supports outreach and informational services for Bridge City Friends Meeting (BCFM) and the public at large. (i.e., worship meeting times & locations).
  • Provides an additional means of communication and source of information for meeting attenders, committees, and Clerks.

General Content Guidelines:

  • Content of the pages will be limited to information related to the activities of BCFM, including an archive of past Minutes of Concern approved by the Meeting.
  • Thorough content related to the activities of BCFM, with links with additional internal information (i.e., Peace & Social Concerns) and national organizations (i.e., American Friends Service Committee) will be provided.
  • Judgement about content that is appropriate will be exercised by the Web Manager in consultation with the Ministry & Pastoral Committee (M&PC) Clerk and in consultation with the Meeting Clerk when necessary.
  • All items posted will contain source information whenever possible.
  • Privacy Policy
    • No contact information will be posted on the site without expressed permission of the person listed.
    • No contact information for persons under the age of 18 will be posted on the BCFM website at any time.

Duties of the Web Keeper :

  • Renews in a timely fashion the registration of our web domain name.
  • Arranges for an internet hosting service provider.
  • Coordinates and advises a professional website service in designing and managing BCFM’s website.
  • Ensures that BCFM’s website content is current and free from unauthorized use or hacking.
  • Is a contact person for committees and Clerks of BCFM for posting website information and content.
  • Consults with the M&PC Committee Clerk on important issues that impact BCFM or require discernment.
  • Reports to the M&PC committee about concerns, status and progress related to the web site.

Adult Education Committee

Approved January 2021

FUNCTION: Provides the adults in the Meeting with educational opportunities.

TERM: Staggered two years. The committee shall consist of 2-3 members, including the clerk.


  • Organizes discussions, presentations, workshops, etc., of interest to BCFM and relevant to the spiritual well-being and religious education of the adult members and attenders.
  • Consults and collaborates with other relevant Meeting committees, as well as other Quaker and community organizations, to provide pertinent educational opportunities to BCFM.

Finance and Property Committee

Approved November 2020

FUNCTION: Responsible for the financial affairs of the meeting

TERM: Two years. The committee consists of the treasurer, assistant treasurer and two additional Friends.


  • Communicates with members and attenders concerning the financial status of the meeting.
  • Creates an annual budget reflecting the activities of the meeting.  Input and information are gathered from committee clerks, the landlord, etc.
  • Prepares a draft budget that is presented to Meeting for Business in November for approval in December.
  • Arranges for annual audits of BCFM’s financial records.
  • Makes recommendations to and implements the directions of the Meeting for Business regarding BCFM investments.
  • Works with the meeting’s landlord regarding our use of their property.
  • Arranges for and maintains appropriate levels of liability and renter’s insurance for the meeting.
  • Keeps an inventory of our physical property and takes appropriate action to maintain the meeting property and to acquire new items.

Hospitality Committee

Approved June 2016

FUNCTION: The hospitality committee helps to generate a sense of community by creating a hospitable atmosphere for Meeting for Worship and fellowship time, as well as organizing occasions where friendliness, welcoming, and care of individuals and the Meeting are promoted.

The committee shall consist of 4-5 members. Members should serve two-year overlapping terms. Part of being in community is to share work, so this committee is encouraged to ask others to assist in the work of building community.


In preparation for Meeting for Worship:

  • Provide or arrange for refreshments for fellowship time after Meeting for Worship. Responsibilities include set up and clean up, leaving the hospitality tables and kitchen in good order.
  • Be responsible for purchasing coffee and other supplies as needed. By a monthly meeting decision (2006) coffee shall be organic and fair trade.

In collaboration with Ministry and Pastoral Care Committee:

  • Help celebrate important life events in our meeting, such as:.
  • Welcome new members, babies and children into the Meeting community.
  • Plan receptions for weddings and memorial meetings.
  • Announce the month’s birthday list.
  • Initiate, plan and coordinate Meeting events, including (but not limited to) the annual summer camping trip, holiday celebrations, etc. This might be done in collaboration with other committees.

Click here to see Instructions for Hospitality for more detailed information on Preparation and Cleanup

Ministry and Pastoral Care

Approved November 2020

FUNCTION: Fosters the spiritual life of the Meeting, maintains Meeting records and facilitates the pastoral care of the Meeting.

TERM: Five members serve two-year staggered terms. The Clerk and the Rising Clerk of the Meeting are ex-officio members.

It is recommended that members of this committee be members of the Society of Friends who are well versed in Quaker practice and tradition. They should be active members in the Bridge City community and attend Meetings for Worship and Business as well as other Meeting functions on a regular basis. On rare occasions an attender with particular spiritual gifts might be considered to serve on this committee. This should be given careful consideration and noted in the meeting minutes as an exception to the rule.


  • Maintains membership records and stays in touch with members and attenders of the Bridge City community. Accepts requests for membership, marriage, memorials and other official requests and arranges for committees of clearness. Reports to Business Meeting and minutes important life events of BCFM members: births, marriages, deaths, new and transfer memberships. Maintains membership files with completed Membership Record and Memorial Service Requests Forms, and all minutes regarding important life events. Arranges background checks of child care providers and organizes children’s program. Prepares an annual State of Society report. Disburses funds from the Well Being Account.
  • Is responsible for the Meeting for Worship. Sets up the meeting space and encourages Friends to gather in a spirit of worship. Greets visitors and newcomers. Helps Friends settle into worship, and facilitates the transition from singing to worship. Closes meeting for worship. Helps clear the meeting room and return it to previous order.
  • Encourages friends to move forward on their spiritual journeys.  The committee is aware of Friends with an ongoing ministry and appoints support committees as needed. Fosters both vocal and listening ministries.  Works with other­ committees to set up discussion groups, social gatherings, threshing sessions, retreats, workshops and meetings with visiting Friends. Holds Newcomers Gatherings to encourage newer attenders and welcomes them to the BCFM community.

Nominating Committee

Approved May 2020 BCFM

FUNCTION: The Nominating Committee assists Bridge City Meeting in identifying attenders to serve the meeting community in voluntary committee work and with individual responsibilities. Members serve two-year terms, which are staggered to ensure continuity. The Committee includes three members, one of whom serves as clerk.


  • Conducts annual survey of the leadings and willingness to serve of each attender.
  • Maintains listing of current committee membership, clerks, and designated volunteers.
  • Contacts each interested attender to discuss possible volunteer roles for coming year.
  • Develops proposed roster of volunteer positions for consideration by Meeting for Business no later than May of each year.
  • Assists Meeting for Business in evaluating and seasoning recommended roster of volunteer positions, works with each attender to find appropriate role.
  • Maintains job descriptions of each volunteer position and updates as necessary.
  • Addresses any position vacancies that occur during the year as promptly as possible by identifying appropriate candidates and bringing those recommendations to the next business meeting for consideration and seasoning.
  • Maintains records of past committee participation, term length, and other information that may assist future Meeting planning.
  • Responds to other needs for volunteer assistance as identified by Business Meeting throughout the year.

Quaker Voluntary Service (QVS) Liaisons

Approved November 2020

FUNCTION: Acts as liaisons between Bridge City Friends Meeting and the Quaker Voluntary Service (QVS) Fellows. Friends mentor young adults who live in cooperative housing and work full-time in professional positions at community-based organizations.

TERM: Two-year terms, staggered between the two persons serving.


  • Attends monthly Local Support Committee meetings.
  • Attends other events and celebrations.
  • Plans annual QVS event hosted by BCFM.
  • Participates in work parties at QVS house (garden, cleaning, weatherizing, pantry, etc.).
  • Reports to business meeting.
  • Make regular announcements and updates.
  • Helps with fundraising.

Peace and Justice Committee

Approved January 2021

FUNCTION: The committee addresses issues and concerns from the meeting pertaining to peace and justice. The committee links Bridge City Friends Meeting (BCFM) with Quaker and other peace and justice organizations.  The purpose of these connections is to help individuals and BCFM find ways to actively follow the Quaker testimonies.  

TERM: The committee addresses issues and concerns from the meeting pertaining to peace and justice. The committee links Bridge City Friends Meeting (BCFM) with Quaker and other peace and justice organizations.  The purpose of these connections is to help individuals and BCFM find ways to actively follow the Quaker testimonies. 


  • Brings issues, concerns, drafts of Minutes of Concern and recommendations to BCFM for approval and/or action.
  • Organizes discussions, presentations, workshops, etc. of interest to BCFM.
  • Coordinates with Quaker and other groups and keeps the meeting updated about actions and activities that individuals and BCFM may want to support. 
  • Seasons and supports new leadings by individuals within BCFM.   This support may be from the committee or through care/support/anchor committees.  The committee keeps the meeting updated on the work of these Friends. 
  • Brings recommendations to BCFM about spending money for peace and justice work.
  • Reviews and makes recommendations regarding our budgeted giving in consultation with Finance and Property committee.

Special Funds Trustee

(joint with Multnomah Monthly Meeting)
Approved May 2020 BCFM


  • Responsible for the investment and use of restricted funds, subject to donor and Meeting for Business guidelines. These funds are the Ministerial Support Fund and Spiritual Life Fund.
  • Special Funds Trustees are chosen to assure a broad familiarity with their communities. Trustees shall be members of their individual worshiping communities and include: two members from MMM, two members from BCFM, and one member from each affiliated Worship Group. The clerk is named by MMM Nominating Committee from among the trustees.
  • Works in coordination with the Treasurer of MMM, who handles disbursements from the funds, which reside with MMM.

TERM: Special Funds Trustees serve five-year staggered terms; the Clerk serves 2 years as clerk.


  • Accept applications from members/attenders of MMM and BCFM and their Worship Groups for financial assistance from the Spiritual Life Fund and the Ministerial Support Fund. Requests are reviewed based on the Fund criteria.
  • Decisions are made in a prompt and timely manner according to normal Friends’ procedures. The trustees meet on a regular basis and as needed to respond to requests.
  • The clerk of BCFM acts as a substitute when a trustee is unavailable or a position is vacant.
  • The clerk of trustees, with assistance of the MMM treasurer, prepares an annual report on activities of the funds. BCFM trustees present this report to the Meeting for Business.
  • Regularly review the monies available in special funds.
  • May allocate funds from the Spiritual Life Fund to MMM and BCFM Committees for use in accord with the guidelines for the Fund. This spending level is reviewed each year and adjustments are recommended as necessary.
  • May allocate funds to other committees or individuals subject to Meeting for Business fund guidelines.
  • May suggest changes in fund names, use or process as Meetings for Business deem advisable.

Multnomah Monthly Meeting Job Descriptions -July 2011 ed. Revised 2/11

Quarterly Meeting Planning Committee

Approved January 2021

Term: Two years. Once every three years Bridge City Friends and Multnomah Friends are convenors for Willamette Quarterly Meeting (WQM).  WQM is held annually in late May but not on Memorial Day Week-end.

Job Description:

Works in concert with the WQM Beloved Community Planning Committee to plan WQM. 

Recruits a Clerk from Bridge City or Multnomah Meeting and works with them to plan the agenda for the business meeting.


  • Coordinates with the Registrar and relevant Officers to produce a registration packet.
  • Distributes to all Meetings, Worship Groups, Preparative Meetings and Isolated Friends registration information, including a flyer for posting prior to the Quarterly.
  • Chooses a theme and a speaker or panel.
  • Secures supplies needed by the paid Children’s Program Coordinator.


  1. Evaluation forms are done by the Beloved Community Planning Committee.
  2. The Registrar provides timely information about meal choices to the camp.
  3. The agenda is provided by the Beloved Community Planning Committee, which includes times and spaces for Meeting for Worship, Interest Groups, Small Worship Groups and Social time/free time.