Meeting for business

We meet as a body of the whole to conduct meeting business once monthly, on the 3rd Sunday of each month except for June when we meet on the 4th Sunday. We do not hold Meeting for Business in July.

Click here to see our calendar for more information and exact dates.

Our process may seem confusing to, and invite impatience from, new (and seasoned) participants. It may be easiest to describe what we do not do:

We do not engage in debate or conventional discussion, and do not seek majority opinion or consensus, but strive to discern, in the context of worshipful attention, the “sense of the meeting” as a collective expression of the divine.

There are many ways for Friends to be involved in Meeting for Business:

  • By presenting a committee report or recommendation
  • By taking notes (Recording Clerk)
  • By facilitating (Clerk of the Meeting)
  • And most importantly by listening deeply and speaking when your words will help the group engage with the business at hand.