Second Sunday Summaries for 2020

August 2020, Second Sunday Summary

At the August 9 gathering of Second Sunday Friends discussed the way
forward for our Adult Education Program.

There was unity in the group to start with the Stewardship Testimony in
our Faith and Practice (pp 109 – 119).

For Adult Ed in the longer term, suggestions were made about some
works outside of the Faith and Practice that might be of interest to us.
Some parts of them might elaborate on what we read, or might be of
interest to Friends for a separate reading group. I will ask MPC to
purchase some copies of these works and make them available for
future consideration.

It was also suggested that we could invite Friends and others to
participate in our gatherings and explore their takes on all of this.

We also talked about finding guest speakers to address Stewardship
and other topics we undertake as we go. For all of its limitations, Zoom
makes the logistics of guest speakers easier.

Thank you all


September 2020, Second Sunday Summary


We began the study of the Testimony of Stewardship which starts on page 109 of the Faith and Practice.

We read the general introduction which states that the testimony of stewardship expands our attention beyond the care of the planet to include the condition of the “community of life,” in its entirety.   We are a part of this community — we  not separate from it, and certainly not its master – and the gifts of capability  with which we have been blessed are meant as much to the benefit the entire the community of life as it is our own.   We have the ability to destroy it and are responsible to hold it together. 

We then started on the first of the three sections about stewardship: Harmony with Creation.  Its introduction reminds us that humanity has developed ways of every day life that do not strengthen but that rather constantly undermine right order.

We began to read the quotations section of this part of the Harmony Section and came to realize the importance of context and the change of language over time to comprehend the intended meaning of some of them.  

We stopped on page 111, following the quotation from George Fox.

We are hoping to find out what words were taken out of the first sentence of that Fox quotation and will perhaps perhaps pick up the conversation there.

Next meeting October 11, 2020. 

Second Sunday Summary October 11, 2020

Friends gathered at the rise of meeting to continue study of the testimony of Stewardship. We completed reading the collection of quotations attached to the “Harmony with the Creation” in our Faith and Practice. (pp 110 – 112)

We are two-thirds of the way through this first part of the Testimony of Stewardship. The remaining parts are “The Stewardship of Money and Other Resources” and “the Stewardship of Ourselves.” It will likely take us six more Sundays to complete this three part Testimony.

Friends read and discussed the Advices regarding Harmony with the Creation as a basis for Sustainable Stewardship. (pp 112-13 in  North Pacific Yearly Meeting Faith and Practice.)

Second Sunday Summary December 13, 2020

On December 13, 2020, Friends gathered on Zoom to read and discuss the queries regarding Harmony with the Creation on the bottom half of page 113 of our Faith and Practice. 

One of us mentioned reading a blog post that related to our discussion. Friends decided to read and consider that post at our January Meeting.