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Queries from the NPYM Faith and Practice (2017)

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Jan 2021: Prayer — pages 35-38   

Prayer is spending intentional time in the presence of the Divine. Regular times of corporate and personal prayer build our relationship with the Living Christ. This enables deeper communion for us as individuals through each day and for the meeting when we gather in worship.

Prayer can take many forms, such as thanksgiving, praise, selfreflection, and asking God’s support for others, which many contemporary Friends call “holding in the Light.” If we ask for specific outcomes, the Divine Power may not answer as we wish. An alternative is to take the issue or the person(s) in our minds and hearts to the Light and leave them there.

Some practices that Friends have found effective are:

  • Sinking into the Spirit and opening ourselves to the motion of Love;
  • Reading and deep reflection upon diverse sources of spiritual wisdom;
  • Harmonious meditation in response to the wonders of the natural world;
  • Offering gratitude;
  • Seeking spiritual and practical guidance;
  • Recounting the day’s events along with the feelings, inklings, and openings contained within them.

Friends have found ways to focus their attention on the holy by devoting particular times of the day to prayer or through making reminders for themselves within a day. Many Quaker families pause for a quiet time of reminder and remembrance before each meal together. Others reflect and connect with Spirit whenever they encounter particular situations, such as passing through a doorway, stopping at a traffic signal, or waiting for a computer to
start. Prayer in the setting of meeting for worship may lead to a “gathered” meeting, where Friends unite in a deep contemplative connection with each other and the Divine.

Advices & Queries – Prayer

In prayer, Friends find humility and courage, guidance and strength for our daily lives.

Prayer requires attention.

Any form of prayer can open our hearts to God. Frequent and regular prayer leads us to become faithful in our lives.

  • Do we set aside times of quiet for openness to the Spirit?
  • How do we come to know an inward stillness amid the activities of daily life?
  • Do we encourage in ourselves and in others a habit of returning to the Source throughout each day?
  • Are we open to new Light, from whatever source it may come?
  • How do we give communal attention to prayer, giving voice to joys and needs that Friends feel?
  • How does our personal prayer life enrich meeting for worship?

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Chapter 4 Friends Testimonies

Testimony of Integrity
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Testimony of Community
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Testimony of Peace   
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  • June 2022: Testimony of Simplicity — pages 101-104
  • July 2022: Testimony of Equality  — pages 104- 108
Testimony of Stewardship
  • Aug 2022: Harmony with Creation — pages 110- 112
  • Sept. 2022: Stewardship of money and other resources — pages 114-117
  • Oct 2022:  Stewardship of Self — pages117- 121