Second Sunday: Adult Education January 2021

January 10, 2021 @ 10:27 pm – 11:27 pm

Agenda for our Second Sunday Meeting on January 10, 2021


We decided at the end of last month’s gathering to step out of the Faith and Practice for a month and look at a blog post one of us suggested would be of interest and relevant to our exploration of the Testimony of Stewardship, especially of our relationship with the creation.

Click here to read and download a PDF of the blog post. You should be able to download, and print it out so to take some time with it in the next ten days or so. If you see what you might take from it or questions it might raise and leave with you please bring them along for the rest of us.

Our group is more interesting when all are speaking and contributing.

Thank you, Friends, for your support and encouragement  I will see you there.

Timothy Travis
Clerk Adult Ed

Second Sunday Summaries

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