Quaker consultations on “Sharing, Repurposing, and Selling Buildings”

April 21, 2023 @ 11:00 am – 12:30 pm

Sharing, Repurposing, and Selling Buildings

(for anyone who is interested)

When it comes to our buildings and property, what exactly does good stewardship mean, especially if the resources and/or energy of a meeting are waning? This gathering will focus on exploring the vast number of options available, including true-life stories of what other meetings have done. We’ll also spend some time identifying queries and processes that may help in a meeting’s discernment.

Tuesday, April 11: 5pm West Coast – 8pm East Coast – 10am Wednesday in Sydney, Australia

AND/OR Friday, April 21: 11am West Coast – 2pm East Coast – 7pm Britain

Register Here: https://quakeremily.wordpress.com/resources-for-quaker-meetings/end-of-life-for-meetings/consultations/