Quaker consultation on “The Role of Yearly Meetings”

April 24, 2023 @ 5:00 pm – 6:30 pm

The Role of Yearly Meetings

(for current, recent, or incoming clerks and staff of yearly meetings, or Friends who are serving their yearly meetings in other significant ways; staff members and clerks from multi-yearly-meeting umbrella organizations are also welcome)

Together, we’ll touch on themes from each of the other consultations. We’ll take a brief look at some recent statistics and cultural shifts, and we’ll talk about the spiritual principle of resurrection–which is not the same thing as resuscitation. There will be time to consider how yearly meeting clerks and staff members might discern their own appropriate roles in the broader conversation about the life cycle of meetings. Those attending will also receive resources that they can share with Friends in their yearly meetings.

Monday, April 17: 11am West Coast – 2pm East Coast – 7pm Britain

AND/OR Monday, April 24: 5pm West Coast – 8pm East Coast – 10am Tuesday in Sydney, Australia

Register Here: https://quakeremily.wordpress.com/resources-for-quaker-meetings/end-of-life-for-meetings/consultations/