Quaker consultation on “The Role of Trustees”

April 22, 2023 @ 5:00 pm – 6:30 pm

The Role of Trustees

(for current, recent, and incoming trustees of Quaker meetings of any size–local, regional, or yearly)

In this conversation, we’ll talk about what trusteeship means, from a spiritual perspective, when caring for the resources of meetings that are struggling to use their resources effectively or that are ready to lay themselves down. There will also be time for a more practical conversation about legal considerations and procedures, though we’ll note that exact regulations vary a great deal from state to state and country to country. Because trusteeship structures vary enormously among Quakers, we’ll expect that those attending will have a wide variety of direct and indirect relationships with local meetings. The emphasis of this conversation will be on broad principles, with opportunities to meet and network with other Quaker trustees who might be helpful future contacts.

Thursday, April 13: 11am West Coast – 2pm East Coast – 7pm Britain

AND/OR Saturday, April 22: 5pm West Coast – 8pm East Coast – 10am Sunday in Sydney, Australia

Register Here: https://quakeremily.wordpress.com/resources-for-quaker-meetings/end-of-life-for-meetings/consultations/