How Do You Find Justice for Historical Injustice?

November 14, 2021 @ 1:30 pm – 2:30 pm

Meet with Taylor Stewart of the Oregon Remembrance Project

A Blended Gathering at Multnomah Friends Meeting 4312 SE Stark and online at

We have a responsibility to the history that has created our present. Join Taylor Stewart, founder of the Oregon Remembrance Project, in a conversation about finding justice for instances of historical injustice. He started the Oregon Remembrance Project in 2018 to help communities unearth stories of injustice and engage in the necessary truth-telling and repair required to reconcile instances of historical harm. His work connects historical racism to its present-day legacies in order to inspire contemporary racial justice action. In what started as simply a way to memorialize a man named Alonzo Tucker, Oregon’s only documented African American victim of lynching, Taylor has grown to see the power of reconciliation to rectify further instances of historical injustice. He requests that you read about the Oregon Remembrance Project in advance and think about questions you may have for him.