First Sunday Reading for May 2023

May 7, 2023 @ 10:00 am – 11:00 am

Participation in the Life of the Meeting

The working of the Spirit in our lives as Friends can be seen in many ways: through prophetic ministry, witness in the world, loving care for each other, conscientious attention to committee work, and the examples provided by lives lived in the Light. When meeting for worship holds a central place in our life, regular and punctual attendance follows.

When I was sixteen and first came to Quakers, I felt so much that I kept coming back. And I began to understand that Quakerism is cumulative. The more you enter into the silence and the stillness, the more that you ask to be washed in the Light, the more that you participate, the more you begin to understand that there is ground opening up beneath you that is larger and deeper than you first imagined.   John Calvi, 2009

  • Do we take an active part in the life of our meeting?
  • How has our group grown together through its activities?
  • Do we express our skills and gifts in service to the meeting and to the Spirit? Do we recognize and support others in doing so?

Do we visit one another in our homes, and keep in touch with those who are unable to participate fully in the life of the meeting?

Faith and Practice, NPYM, Religious Society of Friends. P. 48.