First Sunday Reading for August 2023

August 6, 2023 @ 10:00 am – 11:00 am

Testimony of Integrity

Living with integrity presents the daily challenge of keeping our lives congruent with the Light – in essence, living in Truth. Our choices in how we use our time, spend our money, and form relationships are consistent with what we believe.

Our conversation in public and private is a seamless whole. On those infrequent occasions when we are required to swear an oath, we can advance the cause of truth by simple affirmation. The greater discipline is to continually exercise care in speech, making statements that convey truth without exaggeration or omission of essential fact.

Willingness to bear the consequences of our convictions leads to taking our lives seriously. A capacity for self-examination enables us to work toward integrity.

Advices & Queries  

We strive to maintain integrity in word and deed. We recognize the temptations to grow rich at the expense of others, and how apparently harmless indulgence can lead to wrongdoing.

Avoid pretense in clothing, manners, and speech, realizing that false impressions may be conveyed by action and appearance, no less than by words.

In all the settings you find yourself, practice keeping a single and open manner of relating to others. Avoid using different characters in each role you fill.

We live our best lives as Friends when we focus on what Truth and Love require of us, not on our own comfort or contentment.

  • How do we use the resources and strength we are given to meet the challenges of living a whole and honest life?
  • How do we keep to a single standard of truth in daily life?
  • How do we fulfill the promises we make?
  • Are we just and honorable in all our dealings?

Faith and Practice, NPYM, Religious Society of Friends. P. 61-64