Endangered Species Coalition Webinar

December 1, 2022 @ 4:00 pm – 5:00 pm

Peace and Justice Committee brings us this invitation to a webinar on endangered species from the Endangered Species Coalition.   It follows up on the talk we had from QEW (Quaker Earthcare Witness) last January (Restoring Life and Hope: Renewing Biodiversity, Mind, Body and Spirit  with Jim Kessler).

You are warmly invited to attend a webinar by Doug Tallamy, PhD, for the Endangered Species Coalition, on Thursday, December 1st, at 4:00 PT/5:00 MT/6:00 CT/7:00 ET. To join us for this free, virtual opportunity, please register here.

Doug Tallamy is the T. A. Baker Professor of Agriculture in the Department of Entomology and Wildlife Ecology at the University of Delaware, where he has authored 111 research publications and has taught insect related courses for 41 years. He is the author of Nature’s Best Hope, a New York Times Best Seller, and the 2021 cofounder (with Michelle Alfandari) of Homegrown National Park.

Doug Tallamy will speak about his research and projects, examining how recent headlines about global insect declines and three billion fewer birds in North America are a bleak reality check about how ineffective our current landscape designs have been at sustaining the plants and animals that sustain us.

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He will inspire action-taking to create landscapes that enhance local ecosystems rather than degrade them, outlining how to take steps to restore habitat including 1) removal of invasives on our property and 2) adding native plant communities that sustain food webs, sequester carbon, maintain diverse native bee communities, and manage our watersheds.

Doug Tallamy will share ideas for how to create a Homegrown National Park, a network of viable habitats throughout the U.S. that will provide vital corridors connecting the few natural areas that remain. This approach to conservation empowers everyone to play a significant role in the future of the natural world. It is also enormously restorative for those who take action.

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