Communications/Outreach Team Development

March 2, 2024 @ 10:00 am – 11:00 am

ZOOM Meeting – Contact for access

We will have more meetings for this team.

Website Manager
Approved January 2021
Purpose of the Bridge City Website:

  • Supports outreach and informational services for Bridge City Friends Meeting (BCFM) and the public at large. (i.e., worship meeting times & locations).
  • Provides an additional means of communication and source of information for meeting attenders, committees, and Clerks.

General Content Guidelines:

  • Content of the pages will be limited to information related to the activities of BCFM, including an archive of past Minutes of Concern approved by the Meeting.
  • Thorough content related to the activities of BCFM, with links with additional internal information (i.e., Peace & Social Concerns) and national organizations (i.e., American Friends Service Committee) will be provided.
  • Judgement about content that is appropriate will be exercised by the Web Manager in consultation with the Ministry & Pastoral Committee (M&PC) Clerk and in consultation with the Meeting Clerk when necessary.
  • All items posted will contain source information whenever possible.
  • Privacy Policy
    • No contact information will be posted on the site without expressed permission of the person listed.
    • No contact information for persons under the age of 18 will be posted on the BCFM website at any time.

Duties of the Web Keeper :

  • Renews in a timely fashion the registration of our web domain name.
  • Arranges for an internet hosting service provider.
  • Coordinates and advises a professional website service in designing and managing BCFM’s website.
  • Ensures that BCFM’s website content is current and free from unauthorized use or hacking.
  • Is a contact person for committees and Clerks of BCFM for posting website information and content.
  • Consults with the M&PC Committee Clerk on important issues that impact BCFM or require discernment.
  • Reports to the M&PC committee about concerns, status and progress related to the web site.

North Pacific Yearly Meeting (NPYM) Coordinating Committee Member
Approved November 2020
FUNCTION: The Coordinating Committee serves as the point of information sharing by meetings and worship groups within NPYM.  The committee provides oversight and support of NPYM standing committees.
TERM: Two Years. The term begins October 1.

  • Members of the Coordinating Committee shall be members of the Religious Society of Friends or long-time attenders, well grounded in Quaker practice and experienced in Quaker discernment and decision-making and able to attend the Annual Session meeting(s), as well as the Fall and the Spring meetings.
  • Shares with other committee members about BCFM’s work and inspiration
  • Shares with other committee members about issues that arise from BCFM, as well as the work, inspirations and opportunities we share.  The committee brings to BCFM what may be of interest and benefit to BCFM.
  • Reports to BCFM about the work of the Coordinating Committee.
  • If a member cannot attend a meeting, they send regrets to the CC committee clerk and discuss with the BCFM clerk about who should attend in their place.