Bridge City Friends Meeting Retreat – Orientation

March 31, 2021 @ 3:00 pm – 6:00 pm

Here is the information about our five session zoom retreat, “Four Friendly Foundations.”  This retreat focuses on four core tenets of the Society of Friends: (1) centering and discernment, (2) waiting and listening, (3) light and spirit, and (4) life and spirit of God.  Following an orientation session there is an hour and a half session for each of the four core tenets with queries for worship sharing and a time for discussion.  The central text is Brian Drayton & William Taber’s 2015 book, A Language for the Inward Landscape.  There are supportive readings from the faith and practice of Britain Yearly Meeting, Australia Yearly Meeting, and London Yearly Meeting.

The orientation session is scheduled for March 31 at 3 PM.  Please RSVP to Rocky ( or Larry (  Once you register you will be sent a handout for the retreat.  If you are unable to attend this Zoom session, let one of us know.  We will record the orientation session and make it available to you.  We will likely have a second group that meets in the evening, so let us know what evenings would work for you in the month of April.  Our agenda for this meeting:

  • Dates & Times 
  • Typical Schedule (Quaker time)
    • 10 min: check in
    • 50 min: Worship Sharing Queries
    • 30 min: Discussion
  • Zoom Etiquette
    • Worship Sharing Guidelines: speaking from the silence
      • Worship Sharing Instructions
    • Discussion: recognized by facilitator
  • Readings can be downloaded at
  • Worship Sharing Query
    • What will help me feel safe in this group?
  • Recommended Activity: Quaker journals “… often describe the writer’s ‘inward weather,’ times of blessing and dryness, and sometimes an acute exploration of events leading up to these times…” (D & T, p. 13).  Keep a journal of your “inward weather” for the duration of this course.  You can choose to share your “weather report” during our discussion.