COVID Safety Guidelines

Updated: July 24, 2022

We have all learned from the Covid pandemic to stay home if you may be contagious.  That includes the common cold, Influenza, or Covid.  If you have new respiratory symptoms, please attend virtually for the health of your neighbors.  We provide “blended” Meeting for Worship on Zoom.  

Full vaccination with boosters as recommended for your age group and health status are required of all Members, attenders, and visitors. 

Yet many people are complacent after being vaccinated and forget they can be infected without having symptoms, and so can be a risk to others. Because of the risk of break-through infections, masks are required inside. Soft N95s are preferred but surgical/procedure masks and other variations (KN95, etc.) are acceptable. Cloth masks are inadequate against Omicron but worn over a procedure mask provide tight fit.

Sanitizer are provided at the doors, downstairs and upstairs.

No food or drink inside since masks seem to get forgotten between bites and sips.

Singing before Meeting for Worship will be done in the large downstairs room, 9:30-10:00.  Masks required.  Friends at home may participate on Zoom.

For socializing, reset the chairs into small circles 6′ apart. Standing people tend to stand close together; sitting down in preset chairs in the Meeting room tends to keep people further apart.

People who feel the urge to cough or sneeze during Meeting for Worship may use cough drops or leave the meeting room until this passes, even when masked.  

Thank you for your understanding of our considerations of this complex pandemic balanced with the safety of all members and attenders at Bridge City Friends Meeting.

As new information develops on Covid and its sub-variants, we will adjust these guidelines accordingly. Please continue to check back here regularly to see the latest information on our blended worship guidelines.

For more specific information or questions, please click here to contact Bridge City’s Clerk.