Instructions for Hospitality


Start by filling the electric pot and turning it on.

Next make coffee (on freezer door, bottom shelf. Decaf labeled.) Use the one cup measure to the 12 c. water line on the pot. Be sure to match caffeine or decaf to the label on the pot. Use cold water for the coffee. Pour in and turn it on. There are gold filters so no need for paper.

Now it’s time to pour the boiling water into the carafes to preheat them. They don’ t need to be full.

Next put out tablecloths and cups, teabags in labeled cans sugar, etc. There is a Brita pitcher around. Fil] it and put on the table with glasses from the large box.

When the coffee is done, empty the carafes into the dishpan and fill them with the appropriate coffee.

Refill the electric kettle to heat for tea. There is a pot available if anyone wants to use it.

Cleanup is a reversal of what you just did!  It’s best to empty coffee grounds (into the trash), wash grounds containers and pots and return to the shelves before Meeting. Use the water from the carafes and some soap.

Set up a dishpan with our dish soap and hot water, which could be from the kettle. The hot water is on a demand heater. Tum it on about halfway-you may hear a click. It will continue to come out hot as long as you leave it running.

Please try to get everything back where you found it so the next person won’t have to hunt. Do NOT leave any food out; i.e., crackers, cookies, cookies, tea bag.


It is understood and expected that some Friends will request reimbursement for the cost of providing snacks, while others will make in-kind contributions. If wishing reimbursement, please submit receipts and reimbursement request form to the Treasurer either in person or via mail to the PO Box on the reimbursement form.

Click here to download the BCFM Reimbursement Form.