NPYM Knitting Us Together Program

NPYM’s Outreach and Visitation Committee seeks applications from any NPYM Friends wanting to travel to visit Friends within the dispersed and diverse NPYM region. Travel – with an elder – to share your abilities or topics of concern to meetings visited. Do you have a skill, interest, or leading to share? Or would you instead like to be an accompanying elder?

An introduction to the Knitting Us Together Visitation Program, application form, description of the selection process, and information about the roles of the traveling Friend and elder can be found at the Outreach and Visitation page.

This year’s deadline for application has been extended to February 15, 2020.

Your application will be acknowledged, then considered by an ad hoc committee. If you are selected, the Outreach and Visitation Committee will discuss when and how you are available to travel – as Visitor or as an accompanying “elder”. A timeline and itinerary will be developed.

Expenses will be covered by the Yearly Meeting.