Bridge City Preparative Meeting

State of Society Report - 2000

In this full year of our new status, the Bridge City Preparative Meeting continues to be a vital and growing community. The age range of our attenders has expanded in the past year, with several new younger families moving into town and attending regularly. Our numbers grow also by birth as there are two new children "on the way", soon to join three other toddlers born into the Meeting the previous year. On typical First Days we have 15-20 attenders, with average of eight school age children. The quality of spoken ministry continues to be deep and enriching. There is a loving presence of both Scripturally-based and Universalist messages.

Our children’s program is dynamic and energetic. The Children’s Committee develops the curriculum for attenders who volunteer to lead First Day School on a rotating basis. The functions of our Preparative Meeting are carried out by the Ministry and Oversight Committee with a Committee Clerk, Treasurer, Finance Committee, Nominating Committee, and Children’s Program Committee. We are attempting to find a Peace and Social Concerns coordinator to function as our liaison to the Monthly Meeting.

We meet monthly as a community alternating between meeting for worship for business one month, and intergenerational activities the next, both followed by potluck. These additional opportunities to share work, interests, business and food strengthen our community. Other fellowship opportunities include camping, Christmas Eve program, participation in family retreats, Annual Session and service at St. Francis Dining Hall.

Our meeting has received requests for Clearness and Oversight for two marriages, both to be carried out with the Monthly Meeting.

We continue to appreciate the oversight of MMM. We sustain our connection and fellowship through participation in committees, at meeting functions and program. We value our history and continued involvement with Multnomah Monthly Meeting while we are enjoying a sense of developing our own direction and spiritual identity.