Bridge City Friends Meeting
Portland, Oregon

State of Society Report April 2008

Bridge City Friends Meeting is a young and growing community with a diverse group of members and attenders. The community is eager for spiritual depth through deepening our personal relationships, enhancing our worship space, and developing group passions for outreach.

Bridge City has attracted more attenders this past year, increasing the size of our Sunday morning worship circle. We have also gained new members and continue to have members who are active in our monthly meeting as well as in the larger quarterly meeting and yearly meeting communities. We have arranged occasional home worship for one Friend who can no longer make it to the Meeting space. Our children's program has variable children's participation, with typically 1-4 children per Sunday. The community is very supportive of our children's program and holds the space for its growth.

The two spiritual support groups that have been meeting for over a year now continue to be important in deepening personal relationships within the Meeting. A George Fox sermon reading group that recently started provides another opportunity for small group spiritual sharing. The community is eager for spiritually centered intergenerational gatherings or retreats. There have been fewer of these events in recent years as the Meeting has grown and organizing has become a bigger project. We have recently formed a new Hospitality committee who will help initiate this and other community organizing responsibilities.

Friends feel that the quality of worship at Bridge City is beautiful and deep, and that the silence and vocal ministry are meaningful. Our rented worship space offers challenges with handicap access and lack of a space to congregate apart from the worship space.

Bridge City is blessed to have a spiritually based Peace and Social Concerns committee who listens to the Meeting and gently guides us towards finding our passions for outreach. There is a desire in the community to make a positive impact in the world. We have been looking at our money and making new decisions about how to use it in the wider community.

Bridge City continues to be a strong and vibrant faith community. We continue to embrace the change that comes with growth and to seek the sprit as we move forward.