Bridge City Friends Meeting
Portland, Oregon

State of Society Report – 2007

Bridge City is no longer a new meeting. Our strengths and challenges are no longer those of a community establishing itself. Now our joys and our concerns are those of a meeting that is growing, developing and changing. The original group who founded the Bridge City Worship Group no longer makes up the major­ity of those who are members and attenders. This fact leads us to several observations.

There are no longer as many gatherings outside of Meeting for Worship and there are fewer all The calling to service in the meeting often challenges both nominating committee and members and at-tenders, as we all struggle with finding the time and energy for spiritual development through participation in the life of the meeting while maintaining ourselves and our families. Participation by nearly all of us is necessary to keep our committee rosters full. Since many of the “old timers” serve at the Quarterly ,Yearly Meeting level, and beyond this leaves a bigger void to fill at the local level. We have yet to fully under­stand and utilize the gifts and potentialities of those who are new to the meeting. Our response to members and attenders in need of support has been both heroic and, in retrospect, inadequate for these same reason.

The children’s program is smaller than at the beginning, as that generation of children has largely grown up and left home. Rather than eight to ten children per week, we now see three or four, and sometimes fewer. feels a bit overwhelming. Despite the challenges and growing pains we experience, we continue to feel that we are part of God’s blessed community and that we are called to go forth and do good.