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Minute to NPYM Steering Committee
From Bridge City Preparative Meeting
January 27, 2001

Over the past several years there have been concerns about the relationship between the Junior Friends (High School age) and North Pacific Yearly Meeting.

For many years the Jr. Friends have seen themselves as separate, equal, and parallel to the adult yearly meeting. This split was very obvious at the 2000 session of NPYM and the incident where some Junior Friends violated campus rules, and then felt that the Yearly Meeting had no right to take action or be involved.

We at Bridge City are very concerned about this split, and believe that we must seek ways of uniting the Junior Friends and the adults so that we are truly one body of Friends that crosses all generations.

Although the Jr. Friends can and should have some autonomy, they need to be connected and responsible to the corporate body. We believe, that the Junior Friends advisors, must be appointed by and responsible to NPYM annual session and steering committee.

Any Junior Friend's event that is under the sponsorship of the yearly meeting should be approved by the Yearly Meeting, and have official yearly meeting advisors overseeing the event.
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