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Second Sunday Session for September, 2011

At the rise of meeting on September 11, 2011 the Adult Education Committee will facilitate a discussion of the questions for discussion sent from the Faith and Practice Committee to all Friends in NPYM. The topic of the section under consideration is “The Monthly Meeting” and it is a long (and very important) one.

A copy of the first draft of the chapter, the proposed outline and some questions designed to gather our input for it accompanies this description. You also received a copy of this from Pam over our list serv if you are hooked up to that.

The Adult Ed Committee, itself, will meet at the rise of meeting on September 4, 2011 to talk about how to organize the discussion.

Those of you who have looked at these questions already know that there is a lot of information that the Faith and Practice Committee would like to know about us as a basis for trying to describe “who we are” in NPYM.

It is important for Friends to look at this material in advance of the session on September 11 so as to be prepared to participate. One part of that is to review the process that the Faith and Practice Committee is using in its work, so as to understand what is being asked of us at this stage of that process. The Faith and Practice Committee asks, for example, that we address this material at least twice (and perhaps three times) before the first of the year and suggests a “break down” of what might be addressed in each session.

If you have suggestions about how we can approach this task as a meeting please send me an email qspirit@mac.com or a call at 503 703 6630.

Although I will not be here on September 11, I am looking forward to seeing what comes of that session and participating with you all on future discussions of this chapter.

Thanks for helping with this important work.

Supporting Documents

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