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Quaker Music Fest

We're organizing a musical weekend again.

Lower Columbia Worship Group is organizing its second Quaker Music Fest for the weekend of August 27-28 this year. Lower Columbia Worship Group organized a weekend of music and worship last year which proved to be successful. Participants included the young adult friends and musicians from Multnomah Meeting, several visitors from Bridge City Meeting, musicians from West Hills Friends Church, and neighbors on the Long Beach Peninsula. One of the musicians wrote a few weeks ago to say that the festival had been the high point of his summer.

The musical weekend arose from a strong desire for group singing in our worship group. August is one of the most pleasant months of the year on the coast, and the area is quite picturesque.

You've probably visited Oysterville, with this link you can refresh your memory: http://funbeach.com/activities/oysterville-walking-tour/

This year we will once again host outdoor performances in Nahcotta beginning about 2:00pm, followed by supper at 4:00pm on Saturday. Then on Sunday we're gathering at the Oysterville Schoolhouse for breakfast, hymn singing, and meeting for worship, which will close around noon. Some may want to stay for the Sunday vespers, which is held at 3:00pm at the Oysterville Church. The weekend is freely given to those who wish to attend. As we did last year, we are providing meals and lodging for participating musicians.

I would like to know if might be a possibility for you. More information can be provided on request.

Best regards,
Eugene Norcross-Renner  <<== email link
Clerk, Lower Columbia Worship Group

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