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The YM registration materials are now available - we should probably send this out to the BCFM list -
----the forms should be on the website sometime this week for folks who want to do on line registration.

Attached are the following:

1) The Registration Information -- I am sending it only in .pdf form because there is nothing for anyone to do with it except read it. I could send you the .doc version if you want it for any reason.
2011 Registration Information.pdf   [11 pages]

2) The Registration Form for people who want to use it instead of registering on line. It is only in .pdf form here (.doc versions avail on listserv & NPYM website - sometime soon)
2011 NPYM Registration Form.pdf   [4 pages]

3) The Youth Sponsorship Form. This is required to be printed and signed by a parent before sending it to the registrar.
Youth Sponsorship Form.pdf   [1 page]

Annual Session Registrar: Margaret Coahran  
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