From: Dawn L. Rubbert
Sent: Thursday, February 03, 2011 1:33 AM
To: All Quakers
Subject: Please Share Widely - Quaker Workcamps in Africa this summer



African Great Lakes Initiative

A project of the Friends Peace Teams


2011 AGLI Workcamps


Saturday, June 25 to Saturday, July 30 


1) Burundi Workcamp – Kamenge


            Host Partner: Friends Women’s Association (FWA) – learn more                                    .

                         Location:Kamenge,Burundi- On the outskirts ofBujumbura

                            Objective:  The Workcamp Peace Team will work at the FWA Clinic which primarily serves HIV+ women and their children.

Details are still in the planning stages but most likely the team will build a security wall around the plot behind the clinic which where there will be a dormitory for patients so that, in due time, the Clinic can become a full hospital. Learn more about the clinic at

                          Housing: Workcampers will stay in an apartment at the Friends Center in downtown Bujumbura.



                        A new window for the clinic                                              Bricklaying for maternity ward



2)  Rwanda Workcamp – Gisenyi


                Host Partner: Gisenyi Friends Church

            Location: Gisenyi, Rwanda. On the northern edge of Lake Kivu, just across the border from Goma, Congo 

            Objective: plan in process - The 2010 Workcamp Peace Team began construction of a conference hall, this may be completed or a new project begun. Afternoons the Workcampers will also help local residents improve their English.  
Workcampers will stay with local families.



        Project at Beginning of workcamp                                   Project at End of workcamp



More info? Contact Dawn Rubbert via or go to


Attached is a flyer which you may post anywhere or share with others who may be interested.


Dawn L. Rubbert, Program Manager
African Great Lakes Initiative/Friends Peace Teams
1001 Park Avenue
St. Louis, MO  63104 USA
If you want to travel quickly, walk alone. If you want to travel far,
walk with others.
  ~  Traditional African Proverb

2011 Flyer <<== Link to Flyer