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One part of Adult Religious Ed’s program for this year will be “Second Sunday Sessions.” The committee will try to provide an opportunity each month for Friends to develop their individual understandings of “Quakerism.”

These sessions will most likely happen in the hour prior to meeting although, depending on the subject matter and inclinations of Friends, they may be held at the rise of meeting, in conjunction with—but not replacing--social hour. This is to speak to the condition of Friends who have expressed their disappointment that, owing to the difficulties they face in arriving early, they are unable to participate in such sessions.

There is a Second Sunday Session scheduled for November. Information about this session has been disseminated and follow up will be done.

Our experience is that there are Friends in the meeting who are capable and feel led to make and lead presentations and discussions about Quakerism. We urge such Friends to contact us.

We also know that Friends have interests that they would like to see explored in such sessions, even though they are not led to make a presentation or lead a discussion, themselves. Please contact us if there is a topic of concern or interest to you. We will make that known to the meeting to see if there is anyone among us who may be able to speak to that topic, or if resources beyond the meeting can be identified.

Finally, based on the experience last year with Bill Taber’s pamphlet, “Four Doors to the Meeting House,” the Adult Religious Education Committee is considering using other Pendle Hill Pamphlets as the basis for Second Sunday Sessions. If you have a favorite please let us know, especially if you may wish to lead a reading or discussion of it. We have authors of such pamphlets in our meeting and in this local area who may be prevailed upon to make a presentation about their work.

These Second Sunday Sessions will not be the sole component of the Adult Religious Education Committee’s program for this coming year, but it is the one we are ready to “roll out” now. Please watch for future announcements about additional Adult Religious Education activities. Also, as the Religious Ed Committee firms up presentations for particular dates we will send that information to our web keeping so that they can be listed on the meeting’s on line calendar.

Also, Adult Religious Education is not the only committee that will be doing educational presentations. There are sure to be other Sunday presentations that this committee will support and in which its members will participate but for which the leadership and energy will come from other committees.

Adult Religious Education will be especially mindful to guard against our program offerings infringing on the calling of other committees, such as Peace and Social Concerns, Social Committee, Ministry and Oversight, and others. Our calling, as we see it, is to develop Friends’ understandings of Quakerism as a faith and practice rather than all aspects of the life of the meeting. Sometimes that which grows from our individual faiths and practices will be the subject of Adult Religious Education offerings, but the emphasis will be on developing those faiths and practices, rather than actions which flow from them.

We are looking forward to this coming year.

Timothy Travis
Adult Religious Education Committee

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