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NOVEMBER 5 - 7, 2010
Salem Friends Meetinghouse [map] <<== LINK
490 19th St NE
Salem, OR 97301

The Alternatives to Violence Project is a grassroots, volunteer program dedicated to reducing violence in our streets, in our schools, in our homes, in our prisons and in our society. Each day, thousands of people are victimized by violence. Each of these represents a personal interaction that has failed. AVP is designed to help people create successful interactions. Individuals learn how to resolve disputes without arguments.

The workshop is interactive and experiential, not depending on handouts or charts. Through a variety of exercises and activities, including games and fun, we focus on communication, trust, building community, sharing ideas and role plays. It is totally voluntary, but involves a firm commitment to a full weekend.

This workshop is an opportunity to learn new skills, deepen personal relationships, and make a difference in our communities.

AVP workshops include three levels: Basic, Advanced, and Training for Facilitators. Those who complete all levels can become facilitators, after an apprenticeship.

There is no fee for taking part.

AVP started at Green Haven Prison in New York state in 1975 when inmates contacted Quakers for help in learning nonviolent conflict resolution techniques. It has spread, mostly by word of mouth, throughout the US and is used in some 50 countries overseas. Pioneering work is being done in Africa, between tribes in Kenya and the Hutus and Tsutsis in Rwanda and Burundi.

Please bring a sack lunch for Saturday. Supper will be provided on site. (Contributions appreciated)

Please contact Rose Lewis if you are interested in taking part.
AVP co-ordinator . 503 792 3238.
Early sign-ups will be given priority.

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