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Plans are currently being made for Fall Quarterly, which will be at Multnomah Meetinghouse on Friday evening, Oct 1, and Saturday Oct. 2.

The theme is Food: Feeding our Bodies, Feeding Our Souls.

Interest in this theme began with the April 2010 issue of Friends Journal and its article "Applying Quaker Thought to Food" by Shaun Chavis. <<== link

We will look at food on many levels, nutritionally, socially, culturally, spiritually, environmentally and economically.

Friday night will be movie night.

We hope to have multi-screen capablity by using both the worship room and the fellowship hall for viewing. A list of food-themed films is being created as a starting place for selecting appropriate films.

FYI: Saturday morning we wish to have a panel of speakers to address the various aspects of the topic. Saturday afternoon will be set aside for service projects and field trips to food related sites.

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