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Greetings, Friends,

The BCFM Adult Religious Education Committee would like to invite you to 4 sessions
on the first First Day of the month in March, April, May and June to read together the
Pendle Hill pamphlet, Four Doors to Meeting for Worship, by William Taber.

That's four doors in four months. Catchy,eh?

Some of you have read this pamphlet in preparation for our Meeting retreat last month,
but many of us didn't get to it. We thought that this activity would help continue the
spirit of our retreat, as well as dovetail nicely with our Friendly 7s worship-sharing and be
good preparation for meeting for worship.

We'll gather at 9 a.m. at the Portland French School on March 7, April 4, May 2, and June 6
for an hour of reading and reflection together prior to worship. You can purchase the Pendle Hill
Pamphlet #306 directly from www.pendlehill.org or just come and share with another Friend.

See you then.

In the Light,

Kate Jaramillo
BCFM Adult Religious Education Committee

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