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Bridge City Intergenerational Worship - Sunday, December 13, 2009
Graceful Giving and Graceful Receiving

To encourage spiritual sharing between all ages of our community, Bridge City Friends Meeting is organizing five Intergenerational worship Sundays during this next school year.
The second of these Sundays is coming up December 13th, and will follow this basic format.

Meeting for Worship will begin as usual at 10:00am with about 15 minutes of singing. At the end of the singing someone will introduce the Intergenerational Sunday. We will settle into silent worship for about 30 minutes. Then we will transition into worship sharing for about 30 minutes.

The children and young people will remain in meeting instead of attending a separate first day school lesson during this time. There will be a craft activity in the center of the circle for all to participate in if they wish.

The theme for Sunday's worship sharing is "Graceful Giving and Graceful Receiving" Adults and children are invited to speak in turn, as they feel led. The meeting will close as usual with the holding of hands, introductions and announcements.

Worship Sharing Questions to Consider: Graceful Giving and Graceful Receiving

Bring something with you to share if you feel led.
Elizabeth Braithwaite
for Children's Program

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