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Hello Friends,

There has been a lively response to these discussions. More sessions were requested. This Sunday we will continue the discussion of the Testimony of Integrity.

The time is 9 AM. The scheduled meeting place is the Conference room just off the main rroom where we have worship. If there are too many of us to meet there, the group will move to the Library which opens off the Southeast wing of the school.

If anyone hoping to attend needs to have childcare provided, please let me know before 5 PM this coming Friday, the 23rd. If you are inviting folks from Multnomah or other meetings that will need childcare, please contact Adult Ed. as soon as possible as we don't yet have funds to help with childcare for any meetings other than the one on Nov. 8th.

On November 8th, we will turn the discussion to another topic: Witness. Kate will be facilitating this discussion.

The schedule will be fleshed out more after the Adult Education committee meets next week.

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