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Dear Friends,

The Friendly 7 groups will begin gathering this week for the first of six meetings to share dinner, F(f)riendly conversation, and worship sharing around the topic, “Ministry from a Quaker Perspective.”

For each of the six gatherings, the BCFM Ministry & Oversight Committee will prepare queries and distribute them in advance. One Friend requested that the queries and other material be distributed to the entire BCFM list, so that Friends who are unable to participate in the Friendly 7 series might consider the queries and other material on their own.

The queries for the first session, along with a compilation of Quaker quotes about Vocal Ministry, are available as downloadable links below. In addition to these resources, Friends may be interested in an issue of the Journal of the North Carolina Yearly Meeting (Conservative) that was devoted to the topic of Vocal Ministry, “Number 1 – On Vocal Ministry” which is available online at: http://www.ncymc.org/journal/index.html

The NCYM journal pieces are not intended to be “required reading” or preparation for the Friendly 7s, but you may find them to add additional depth or perspective to our exploration of the topic.

In Peace,

Additional Documents to download and print

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